AGM Report – 19th April 2020

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Trent Park (2022 season) – Race report by Alastair Aitken

11th February 2023 JACOB ALLEN, who ran 5th in the Armagh International 5k in 13:47 on Thursday then, on Saturday, had a comfortable victory in the Met league, over the Trent Park course Alastair Aitken reports. Afterwards, Jacob spoke about the pleasure he got from...

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Race 5 (2022) – Trent Park Results – 11/2/2023

Final Results The results from the last race of the 2022 season at Trent Park can be found at the link below. These are the final results. Therefore, if you spot any error please report it to your team rep/manager, who has 7 days, after the race to report these to the...

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Upcoming Races


Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the AGM was cancelled.

Many thanks to everyone who helped out last season and to the five clubs who hosted. Last year we made a small change to the declaration system with only giving you one set of numbers for the season. This new change vastly improved the results system, stopped numbers being duplicated and I hope made the team manager’s job a lot easier. By the end of the season, we had stopped manually recording numbers.

For the season ahead I would encourage team managers to pre-allocate race numbers before the first fixture. Race packs will be ready early September so if any club wishes to collect their race packs pre-season and distribute their numbers ahead of the first fixture you can collect your packs from me.

For next season you will need to print your own declaration sheets.


Treasure Report. Please see the accounts attached.

Affiliation Fees. As Major outlined in his report there is a small increase this year. Subs for 2020-21 are set in the attached file.

Election of Officers. No change from last season.

Fixture Dates.

We are still waiting for UKA to produce the 2021 fixtures. They had a planned teleconference the other days so we hope to confirm next year’s fixtures ASAP.

2020 are confirmed so for this season 2021 are the provisional dates.

  Saturday 10th October WGEL – Claybury

  Saturday 7th November Herts P – Stanborough Lakes WGC

               Saturday 5th December London H – Alexandra Palace

  Saturday 16th January 2021 – Hillingdon – Uxbridge

               Saturday 13th February Barnet & District – Trent Park -End of Season Presentation

Race Start times and distances – no change from last season

12.25 Up to 2K Under 11 Boys

12.30 Up to 2K Under 11 Girls

12.40 3Km Under 13 Boys

12.45 3Km Under 13 Girls

Not before 13.00 4Km Under 17 Men/Under 15 Boys

Not before 13.05 4Km Under 17 Women/Under 15 Girls

Not before 13.30 8Km Women/Veteran Women

Not before 14.35 8Km Men/Veteran Men

New Clubs Joining.

Two clubs have asked to join

Cookham AC has asked to rejoin, Mainly juniors with a few seniors. Eton Manor AC has asked to join. They estimate 15 seniors running no juniors and would be able to help in hosting a race.

I have no objection to either club joining. (Please vote Yes or No Vote needs to be in by 25th April 1 vote per club)

Club Stats (see attached file)

This looks at unique individuals running and not total runs (although they’d be very similar results)

Attendance was about 7% lower this year. There was a small drop in every category, suggestion that the reasons were event wide, probably rain or clashes with other events (as also indicated by big drop in Cambridge and Guests entries).

The biggest drop was in the senior women’s, where the deviation was about 8% more than across all the other categories, perhaps due to the increased distance, but it is all very marginal.

Proposals Nothing received.

End of Meeting

Jan Bowman Met League Administrator.