Race 1 – Claybury – 16/10/2021

Race 1 – Claybury – 16/10/2021

Fixture No: 1
Date: 16 October 2021
Venue: Claybury Park, Roding Lane North
Race Headquarters: From 11.30 onwards
The start line
Claybury Park, Roding Lane North
Changing facilities: Changing rooms at Ashton Playing Fields. IG8 8AA
Showers: Showers at Ashton Playing Fields. Beware: there is not hot water in abundance!
Course Location: Claybury Park, Roding Lane North
HQ to Course walk time: 10 minutes
Course Description: Parkland setting, undulating course, with one steep climb per large lap, on grass and woodland paths.
Public Transport: Woodford underground station (Central Line) is 10 minutes walk away from Ashton Playing Fields. If you get off an eastbound train, you need to walk under the pedestrian subway and walk downhill, down Snakes Lane East. Bus numbers 275 and W14 stop at the gates to Ashton Playing Fields.
Parking: Approximately 150 spaces at Ashton Playing Fields (IG8 8AA). Parking in the vicinity of Claybury is impossible OR extremely limited. Please look out for any restrictions and do not block access. There is virtually no parking in Roding Lane North due to residential parking. You are advised to park at Ashton Playing Fields and walk to the course. You MUST NOT park on the grass triangle in Roding Lane North so as to avoid confrontation with residents.
Directions from major roads: From the eastbound A406, branch left and merge onto the A1400 (signposted Gants Hill). At Charlie Brown’s roundabout, take the first left exit onto the A113 (signposted Chigwell). Go straight ahead through three sets of traffic lights (including a crossing set for pedestrians) and turn left into Ashton Playing Fields just after you go under a road bridge (M11)
Timetable: 12.25 Up to 2 km Under 11 Boys
12.30 Up to 2 km Under 11 Girls
12.40 3Km Under 13 Boys
12.45 3Km Under 13 Girls
Not before 13.00 4Km Under 17 Men/Under 15 Boys
Not before 13.03 4Km Under 17 Women/Under 15 Girls
Not before 13.30 7-8 Km Women/Veteran Women
Not before 14.35 7-8 Km Men/Veteran Men
Other information: There will be light refreshments throughout the afternoon in the WGEL clubhouse. The bar will open to serve alcholic drinks after the final race.
Contact Name: Graham Pribul (grahampribul@btinternet.com)
Contact Tel: 01992 813096 or 07932011262
U15/U17 Boys 1 short 1 long 4200m
13:03 U15/U17 Girls 1 short + 1 long 4200m
13:30 Women
3 long laps 8100m
Men 3 long laps 8100m


The Woodford Green clubhouse will be open on the day serving refreshments and soft drinks from the start of the day.

The bar will be open from 2 pm for those post-run drinks.

They now have a card reader so no need to bring cash


Race 2 – Welwyn – 13/11/2021

Race 2 – Welwyn – 13/11/2021


Fixture No 2
Date 13 November 2021
Venue Stanborough Park, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL8 6DF
Race HQ Race HQ and Registration will be adjacent to the Start/Finish at the south end of the park.
Changing Facilities  There will be no changing rooms.
Toilets are available in the amenity block by the Splashlands playground. Extra toilets will be provided at the end of the car park, close to the amenity block. There are also toilets located at the Sailing Centre on the south side of the park.
Shower No
Refreshments Refreshments will be available from the kiosk in the amenity block on the north side of the park or from the café by the Sailing Centre on the south side of the park.
Course Location North Side Stanborough Park – See course map
HQ to course walk time 20 Seconds
Course description Start and finish in grassed fields, remainder undulating parkland course suitable for spikes.
Public transport Welwyn Garden City Station (Main Line) 1¼ mile

There is a fairly large car park on the north side of the Park, adjacent to the course. There is a very large car park on the south side of the Park, 5 minutes walk to the course.

These car parks are ‘Pay & Display’. You must display a ticket or you may incur a fine. We have not been able to negotiate a reduced rate. There is a footpath under the road bridge, providing traffic-free access between the south side and the north side of the Park.
Access to both of these car parks is only permitted from the adjacent side of the carriageway. If you cannot find a space on the north side, to get to the south side you must drive to the roundabout at the top of the hill and return on the other side of the carriageway.


Directions from major roads

Leave the A1(M) at Junction 4, (after the Hatfield Tunnel). At the roundabout take the second exit to A414/A6129. At the next roundabout take the first exit A6129. At the bottom of the dual carriageway take the second exit out of the roundabout. The entrance to the car park on the north side is on your left after around 100m. The entrance to the car park on the south side is more or less opposite but you cannot gain access from the left side
of the carriageway.

As early arrivers will undoubtedly fill the car park on the north side, you may be advised to go straight to the one on the south side.

Timetable: 12:28 – 1,700m – Under 11 Boys
Promptly at 12:30 – 1,700m – Under 11 Girls
12:43 – 3,000m – Under 13 Boys
Promptly at 12:45 – 3,000m – Under 13 Girls
Not before 13:00 – 4,200m – Under 17 Men/Under 15 Boys
Not before 13:05 – 4,200m – Under 17 Women/Under 15 Girls
Not before 13:30 – 7,800m – Senior/Veteran/Under 20 Women
Not before 14:35 – 7,800m – Senior/Veteran/Under 20 Men
Other information All clubs should arrive before the start of the meeting (12:28) in order for numbers to be distributed to each club.
To be eligible to score, competitors must compete in the correct race for their age group.
Competitors in the Under 13 race must be 11 or over on the day of competition.
Safety: Runners are not allowed to wear I Pods/Walkmans when competing. Competitors and parents of competitors are reminded not to encroach on the course and to be mindful of runners on the course.
Contact name Richard Bloom
Contact Tel 01707 376938
Additional Informaton
Course and amenities Although the construction works have now been completed, we will not revert to the field that we previously used for the Finish, but will be retaining the Start/Finish and
Course that we used in 2019. Course maps are included with this notice and these will also be posted on notice boards on the day.
The course passes in both directions adjacent to the Start/Finish area. This will therefore be congested and we ask all spectators to keep clear of this corner.
A Club/Team Assembly Area has been identified in the field adjacent to Splashlands.
The park toilets will be available plus some additional portable toilets. This is a public park, so please only use the toilets provided.
The course is likely to be very slippery, so you are strongly advised to wear suitable footwear.
COVID guidelines Please DO NOT travel to this event if you are showing any symptoms of COVID-19 as defined by the NHS or if you have had a positive test. Whilst you are advised to arrive in good time, please do not arrive unnecessarily early for your race, and please leave promptly after it. Spectators are not encouraged to attend. And preferably only one parent or guardian to accompany a young athlete who is competing. You are encouraged to wear a face mask and try to remain social distanced at all times whilst at the event, in particular, when in the toilets or when queuing at the kiosk or café.
Spectators to consider wearing face-covering, especially when calling out encouragement. Competitors remember to observe social distancing, as far as possible, at the start and finish, also maybe to wear a face mask until the race starts. Avoid physical contact with runners, race officials, volunteers and spectators including high fives and hugs etc. Hand sanitiser will be available in the toilets – please use it. Also remember to wash your hands for 20 seconds. You are also reminded to catch coughs and sneezes in tissues – ‘Catch It, Bin It, Kill It’- and to avoid touching face, eyes, nose or mouth with unclean hands. It is not practical to provide sanitising stations around the park, so do not unnecessarily touch outdoor surfaces, and perhaps bring some sanitiser to use after touching anything. If you experience COVID-19 symptoms soon after the race, then please follow NHS guidance regarding testing and self-isolation, also please inform the Race Organiser.
General Be prepared – before arriving make sure you understand and are aware of the Fixture Information and other information on the League website. Be mindful of your surroundings and impact on other park users and the public in general. Please dispose of any rubbish responsibly.
Timetable Please note that to avoid congestion at the start of the Girls’ races due to the configuration of the course, the U11 Boys’ race will start 3 minutes later than usual at 12:28 and the U13 Boys’ race will start 3 minutes later at 12:43.
Race 3 – Hillingdon – 4/12/2021

Race 3 – Hillingdon – 4/12/2021

Race 3 – Hillingdon – 4/12/2021


Fixture No: 3
Date: 4th December 2021
Venue: Hillingdon House Farm, Uxbridge, Middlesex
Race Headquarters: Hillingdon Athletics Stadium
Gatting Way
Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 1ES
Changing facilities: Men’s and Women’s Changing Rooms and Toilets within athletics stadium and football pavillion. Please don’t use the facilities within the main sports centre.
Showers: Yes but limited
Course Location: Hillingdon House Farm, Uxbridge
HQ to Course walk time: 2 minutes
Course Description: Parkland setting, undulating course, with one steep climb per large lap, on grass and woodland paths. Option of small river crossing if conditions on the day allow. No river X for U11 and U13 races. Descision on other races to be done on the fixture morning.
Public Transport: Recommended Hillingdon station on the Met and Picadilly Lines 10-15 mins walk from the course. U1 and U2 buses stop with 3 mins walk of the Sports Centre.
Parking: There are ONLY 50 pay and display parking spaces allocated for this fixture outside the stadium from 12pm onwards. Parking in the main sports centre car park is not permitted. Disruption caused to sports centre members trying to find a parking space in the main car park may result in this venue not being available in the future. If you must drive, please see the parking map provided for free street parking locations. There are also 2 large car parks in Uxbridge town centre, just 15 mins walk away.
Directions from major roads: Next to A40 Swakelys Roundabout Junction. Follow signs for Hillingdon Sports and Leisure Centre.
Approximate distances
Timetable: 12.20pm 2km NO RIVER X Under 11 Boys
12.25pm 2km NO RIVER X Under 11 Girls
12.40pm 3km NO RIVER X Under 13 Boys
12.45pm 3km NO RIVER X Under 13 Girls
1.00pm 4km Under 17 Men/Under 15 Boys
1.05pm 4km Under 17 Women/Under 15 Girls
1.35pm 8km Senior/Veteran/Under 20 Women
2.35pm 8km Senior/Veteran/Under 20 Men
Other information:
All clubs should arrive before the start of the meeting (12.20pm) in order for numbers to be distributed to each club.
To be eligible to score, competitors should compete in the correct race for their age group.
No one under 9 on the day of the race can take part
Contact Name: Martin Bateman
Contact Tel: mbateman@hillingdonac.co.uk


Parking Map

Uxbridge Met League maps

Course Map

Uxbridge Met League maps


Race 4 – Wormwood Scrubs – 15/1/2022


Venue Wormwood Scrubs Park, London W12 0AE The start/finish area is adjacent to Linford Christie Stadium.

Race Headquarters Met League Admin Start/Finish Area, Linford Christie Stadium, Wormwood Scrubs

Changing Facilities we are awaiting confirmation, please arrive dressed to race

Toilets are located in the stadium changing rooms adjacent to the park and the TVH Clubhouse. You are asked to wear a face-covering indoors unless exempt. Please follow any additional guidance on the day to limit numbers queuing indoors.

Showers No

Course Description Flat scrubland and playing fields. Areas of the course can be wet and muddy. Suitable for spikes.


Race 1 12.20 Under 11 Boys approx 1.75km

Race 2 12.25 Under 11 Girls approx 1.75km

Race 3 12.40 Under 13 Boys approx 3.0km

Race 4 12.45 Under 13 Girls approx 3.0km

Race 5 1.00pm Under 17 Men / Under 15 Boys approx 3.8km

Race 6 1.05pm Under 17 Women / Under 15 Girls approx 3.8km

Race 7 not before 1.35pm Senior / Veteran / Under 20 Women approx 7.6km

Race 8 not before 2.35pm Senior / Veteran / Under 20 Men approx 7.6km


Limited Car Parking The entrance for cars is Artillery Lane off Du Cane Rd, between the hospitals and prison, the postcode for satnav W12 OAE. At the end of Artillery Lane approaching the Scrubs, there is a 6’ 6” height barrier entrance to the main car park, parking is free at the weekend but is limited and the car park will be busy. There is also parking on Braybrook Street (between East Acton station and the stadium) and neighbouring streets, a short walk to the stadium across Wormwood Scrubs.

ULEZ – Wormwood Scrubs park is located within the Ultra-Low Emission Zone which attracts a £12.50 daily charge for certain older and diesel vehicles, please check at https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/ultra-low-emission-zone if unsure.

If possible please use Public Transport – East Acton on the westbound Central Line is the closest station, but has no platform on the eastbound side; if travelling on the eastbound line use White City station, approx 10 mins walk from Wormwood Scrubs Park.

Buses – please check the TfL website for buses stopping near Hammersmith hospital.

Other information there will be no refreshments on sale in the TVH clubhouse, please bring your own food and water.

Host club contact: John Husbands email husbandsj08@gmail.com 

CANCELLED Race 5 – Trent Park -19/2/2022


Met League – Trent Park. Wording for Met League website

Fixture No: 5


Date: 19 February 2022


Venue: Trent Country Park, Cockfosters, Enfield, London EN4 0JZ (please note; because of its size, Trent Park has several different post codes. The one given is the most appropriate and closest to the Cockfosters Road entrance to the Park).


Race Headquarters: Located just beyond “Go Ape”, on the left hand side (north) of Lime Avenue.


Changing facilities: There are no dedicated changing facilities but there are male and female WCs adjacent to the Cockfosters Road entrance car park.


*** IMPORTANT – PLEASE NOTE *** The area around ‘Go Ape’ is out of bounds. Under no circumstances should this area be used for changing and/or as a toilet – please use the facilities provided. Anyone ignoring this request will risk damaging our ability to hold future events at this venue.


Showers: No showers available.


Course location: The main start / finish area is adjacent to the race HQ.


HQ to course walk time: less than a minute


Course Description: Very undulating course on open, rough, lumpy park land. Liable to be soft underfoot throughout. Some exposed tree roots in places, and two small wooden bridges that could be slippery. The course is likely to be very muddy and slippery in places so is not suitable for ordinary trainers.


Spikes are strongly recommended for this event


Public Transport: London Underground – Cockfosters station is the northern end of the Piccadilly Line. The station is 300 metres to the south of the Cockfosters Road entrance to Trent Park (approximately 5 minute walk). Turn right out of the station, walk north along Cockfosters Road, past the BP Garage (with M&S).


Use of public transport is strongly recommended due to the proximity of the underground station and limited car parking at Trent Park.


Parking: Parking is available within Trent Park but is likely to be very limited. Given the proximity of Trent Park to Cockfosters underground station, use of public transport is therefore strongly recommended. If you intend to drive, please car-share as much as possible.

The main car parking facility is at the Cockfosters Road entrance to Trent Park.


PLEASE NOTE: The private car park close to the Southgate Hockey Centre at the top of Snakes Lane is NOT available. Please do not attempt to park there – you WILL be turned back.


Cars must not be parked on any of the roads within Trent Park.


Trent Park closes at sunset, which will be at approximately 17:00. The gate at the Cockfosters Road entrance is usually closed at this time, but drivers must take care to check the closing time which will be shown on the sign inside the main entrance.


UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD DRIVERS PARK ON THE SURROUNDING ROADS. Anyone parking in local roads will risk damaging our ability to hold future events at this venue.


Directions from major roads:

Cockfosters Road (A111) entrance; approximately two miles to the south of Junction 24 of the M25, on the left hand side, or just over half a mile to the north of the junction of the A111 and A110 (Bramley Road), on the right hand side (sat nav EN4 0JZ).




Time Start Race Distance (approx.)
12:20 Under 11 Boys 1,700 metres
12:25 Under 11 Girls 1,700 metres
12:40 Under 13 Boys 3,400 metres
12:45 Under 13 Girls 3,400 metres
13:00 Under 17 Men and Under 15 Boys 4,000 metres
13:10 Under 17 Women and Under 15 Girls 4,000 metres
13:35 Senior/Veteran/Under 20 Women 8,000 metres
14:35 Senior/Veteran/Under 20 Men 8,000 metres



Other Information:
  Location Map here
  Programme of races here
  Course Map – Under 11 Boys and U11 Girls here
  Course Map – Under 13 Boys and U13 Girls here
  Course Map – Under 17 Men & Under 15 Boys & Under 17 Women and Under 15 Girls here
  Course Map – Senior/Veteran/Under 20 Women and Men here


Race packs will be distributed at the Start/ Finish area.


Refreshments are available for purchase in the Trent Park café which is near to the Start/Finish area. In addition, the Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (Enfield), located at the eastern end of the access road known as Lime Avenue (approx. 600 metres from the Start/Finish area), has a tea shop which is open until 4 pm.


End-of-season presentations: please join us after the last race for the end-of-season presentations (and tea and cakes!), which will be held at:


11th Southgate Scout Group,

1c Chalk Lane,



Hertfordshire EN4 9JQ


Directions: Leave Trent Park by the main Cockfosters Road entrance and turn left down Cockfosters Road back towards the Underground station. Just after the BP Garage (with M&S), turn right down Chalk Lane. The Scout Hut is approximately 50 metres along the road on the left hand side (see map).


Please note there is no car parking at this venue.


Please also note that the Scout Hut is quite small so there is limited space available.


Polite Request; the Scout Hut has a wooden parquet floor so muddy shoes must be taken off and left at the entrance.


Contact Name: Rob Scott


Contact Number: 07775 698234